Past Events

17th Anniversary Celebration

First Focus celebrating 17 years of supporting the community


Project coordinator  Clarissa Belson and Activity coordinator Pauline Hicks, will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

5th August 2018

Community Hide & Seek


Fakenham charity First Focus is organizing a fun competition to help promote its campaign to make people more aware of ‘hidden disabilities’.

Many people only consider that someone is disabled if they see them in wheelchairs or being helped by a guide dog. However, the conditions of many other people who are disabled, while they might not be as obvious, can lead to just as much hardship and barriers in their daily lives as those whose conditions are more visible.

To help raise the public’s awareness of things like diabetes, claustrophobia and Parkinson’s disease, First Focus is challenging you to take part in a treasure hunt. As from Wednesday 1st September all around town there will be hidden lots of stones, each one bearing the name of a hidden disability. There are thirty in total. If you should spot one grab it and take it to the First Focus HQ (behind the library) times are on our website put your name and a telephone number on the stone. The more stones you find the more chances you have in winning a prize. Prizes are as follows –
1st Prize (Meal out at a local restaurant), 2nd Prize (Snettisham Park -One Day Pass), 3rd Prize, £15 Tesco Gift Card – 4th Prize £15 Morrisons Gift Card, 5th Prize A bottle of Champagne, 6th Prize Bottle of Cava, 7th prize A bottle of wine, 8th Prize £5 Argos gift card.
The drawing date is the 30th September. (This might also be a fun game for the children in the summer holiday). If you need any more information please contact First Focus, April or Clarissa on 01328 855083/

First Focus has received a grant of £3 300 from the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation’s ‘Doing Together Grant’, which has been set up to encourage charities and organisations within 10 miles of its branch network, to start offering training and skills development to help individuals with their employability. Please call in or ring us to find out more.

With the help of a Tesco Bags of Help grant, First Focus can now purchase safety flooring for their day service users, which is an essential aspect of health and safety requirements. After the success of the grant, First Focus then applied again and were awarded more funding to purchase a defibrillator and to educate the local community on how to use the equipment via free training days.

11th December 2017

Charity staff train in hearing support to keep clinic open

Clarissa Belson working at the NDA Hearing Support Service clinic.

Staff from the charity First Focus have trained as volunteers for a hearing support service to ensure that a clinic remains open.

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November 9th 2017

Fakenham Community Fridge

Manager April Simnor Look East Reporter/Camera man
From Left to right: Paula Boyce, Principal Communications Officer, Norfolk
Councillor Annie Claussen-Reynolds, Cabinet member for waste and environmental services, Jill Bennett, BBC Radio Norfolk Reporter

Fakenham is about to get north Norfolk’s first ‘community fridge’ – aimed at cutting food waste and helping families who may be struggling to get by at the same time.

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View the EDP Article HERE

November 2nd 2017

Marathon Swim

Richard Crook, a volunteer for Active Fakenham, is planning to swim a marathon throughout November in support of First Focus and Active Fakenham.

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October 26th 2017

Lorne Green Visit

April Simnor Manager – Lorne Green Norfolk elected Lorne Green as its Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) on 5 May 2016 and Inspector Edward Brown.

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Tesco Tokens

We are also in the Tesco’s bag for help – Please support by placing your tokens in our slot. x

February 15th 2017

Charity opens a new community cafe in town

First Focus have opened a new community café in Fakenham. Pictured are (from left) April Simnor, Clarissa Belson, Jess Lemon and Sara Sayer
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September 4th 2016

 First Focus is KLFM charity of the month for September 2016

September 16th 2015

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March 6th 2014

April Simnor with Stephen Betts the first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Norfolk
Stephen Betts visited First Focus for the Anti Hate Crime day

March 22nd 2013

April Simnor and Simon Rowe at the KLFM studio on the 22/03/2013
The Project Co-ordinator recording some Upcoming events for First Focus
First Focus Project Co-ordinator April Simnor at the KLFM studio
trying her hand at Simon Rowes job

August 9th 2012

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May 31st 2012

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