Support Group

Offering     – Information – Advice -Support on Mental & Emotional Well Being

This is through either group work or one to one support. The group session starts from 10am to 12pm and the one to one support sessions are from 12pm till 2pm. These are bookable sessions and can be booked either by phone on 07415741921 or 01328 855083, 9am till 1pm Monday to Thursday or ask on Fridays if spaces are available.

What is recovery?

In mental health, recovery is the process through which people find ways to live meaningful lives.
It is a personal journey of self discovery that involves making sense of and finding meaning in what has happened, becoming an expert in your own self-care, building a new sense of self and purpose and discovering your own resourcefulness.

How we support your recovery?

  • Service users Support
  • Learning Coping Tools
  • Creating Recovery Pathways     
  • Implementing community peer support   
  • Community utilisation
  • Generating innate change
  • Working with wider partnerships and non-mental health agencies

If you are in crisis?
I need support and advice urgently.
The following numbers are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year:Samaritans offer confidential and non-judgemental emotional support whenever you need someone to talk to. Call 08457 90 90 90

Information    –   Advice   –   Support  

Just ask

Guidance or recommendations

Advice on a range of subjects

Support accessing services

What we can help with;

Mental    –    Emotional       “Wellbeing”

  • Anxiety – Wellbeing – Networks -Social Activities
  • Depression – Build your confidence – Boost your mood
  • Build Emotional stability – Eliminate self-defeating habits
  • Positive Thinking – Problem Solving – Decision Making
  • Time Management – Stress Management
  • Communication Skills – Creativity Tools – Learning Skills
  • Mindfulness – Stress – Tearfulness -Avoiding others
  • Restlessness – Procrastination
  • Mental Health Pathways
  • Dereham Provisions (Signposting)